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Judge • Attorney • Veteran
Police Officer • Small Business Owner


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District Court Judge David Grubich

District Court Judge David Grubich

Judge Grubich is a District Court Judge in Cascade County. He is a veteran and former police officer.

I have filed to retain my seat in 2024 as your district court judge. I ask for your support and your vote this year. I am honored to serve my community as a district court judge. Looking back on my life and history, I greatly appreciate the opportunities I have been given. I think back to my youth and my time as a soldier, a police officer, and my decision to go back to school and obtain my law degree. I could not, at that time, predict the direction my life would take. I am humbled by the trust you placed in me to ensure our laws are followed and the rights of all are protected. I strive every day to fulfil the promise I made when I took the oath of office, and I always will. Thank you.RETAIN JUDGE GRUBICH in 2024. ... See MoreSee Less
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Congratulations to all our city officials who were sworn in this evening. It was very well attended. I was pleased to see our newest Municipal Judge Mark Dunn getting sworn in to join Judge Steve Bolstad at the Municipal Court. Welcome to the bench Judge Dunn. It was my honor to swear in Judge Bolstad for another four years. All the best to you all in the coming New Year!! ... See MoreSee Less
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Parade of Lights tonight at 6 p.m. Almost ready!! ... See MoreSee Less
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District Court Judge
Cascade County





Judge Grubich brings with him an ideal mix of experience. He is a United States Air Force veteran and former police officer. Judge Grubich has years of experience as a civil litigator with a diverse legal practice background and has served in a judicial capacity for the past several years. He brings a rare and versatile history with him to the bench and is known and respected for his integrity, independence, common sense, fairness, and admirable judicial temperament.

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Served in a judicial capacity as Judge and Standing Master
for several years in Cascade County bringing his broad life experience with him to the bench


Honorably served his country and
community and continues that tradition as judge


Independent and dedicated to applying the law as written to the facts as presented
and steadfast desire to be correct within the law


Awarded for his service to low-income individuals, known though his active involvement in the community,
and dedicated to preserving the dignity and integrity of the bench and public trust in the judiciary


We must have trust in our system of justice. It is absolutely necessary for a free society. We must all believe that our Constitutional rights are protected and all our other laws are applied by people, judges, who are faithful to the law, impartial, and independent.

–Judge David Grubich

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